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Grace Embodied

Posted by Chris Lee on Sunday, February 26, 2017,

Grace Embodied

The final of the grace strategies of the Baptist Union is Grace Embodied.

The description they provide is:

Because it is by grace that we have been called into life together in Christ we shall seek to embody the grace of God in our communities of faith, drawing on our Baptist heritage of attentiveness together to Christ as the Head of His Body and mutuality of love and service as members of that Body.  

Let us remind ourselves of the Good News that Jesus preached that go...

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Grace Unleashed

Posted by Chris Lee on Sunday, February 19, 2017,

The fourth in our series on the Grace priorities of the Baptist Union is: grace unleashed.

The explanation of the term is:

“Because the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all, we shall offer ourselves and our resources for the unleashing of that grace into every aspect of our local, national and global contexts through authentic grace-trained lives, courageous witness, and creative expressions of mission and community.”

One of the expressions of Christianity from the...

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Grace Nurtured

Posted by Chris Lee on Saturday, February 11, 2017,

Grace Nurtured

Over the past few weeks we have already looked at some of the 5 strategic priorities of the Baptist Union of NZ, of which we are a member church. The list of them is on the back page of the latest Baptist mag. We have already discussed Grace Shared and Grace Discerned.

Today we are looking at Grace nurtured.

In the goal, the preamble is: Because gifts of God’s grace have been bestowed on every member of the Body we shall value and nurture all of those gifts as we seek ...

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"Share" Bicultural partnership

Posted by Chris Lee on Monday, February 6, 2017,

In 2016 The Baptist Union set 5 strategic priorities focusing on the word Grace.  The first we discussed last week with the heading “Discern”.

Today we tackle another, with the title “Share”

It says: We will celebrate and develop our bi-cultural partnership and ethnic diversity, valuing that we are made in the image of God

It is fitting to discuss this so close to the day celebrating the birth of our bicultural nation, even though it has become an object of division in some qua...

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