Thoughts arising from the prayer

·         Spiritual maturity and growth focus church wide

·         All home groups on the same page

·         Create specialist short term study groups on particular topics

·         Teaching and sermon focus

·         God at Work testimonies to focus on how spiritual growth

·         Scripture verses to be used as a daily devotional to be put in the newsletter

·         Sheep paddock style – contained but free within that area.

·         Accountability partnerships: one to one – challenge, confront, encourage

·         Mentoring without structure. Who are you mentoring? Who is mentoring you?

·         Fruitfulness: bear witness of that growth in the community

·         Challenge: how has the church transformed you?

·         Confront stagnation individually

·         Encourage each person to grow

·         Directed conversations after the service

Action plan

·         Notify the church of our retreat focus

·         Identify spiritually mature people

·         Encourage them to contact the next level down

·         Daily Scripture readings on the topic preached in the newsletter

·         Focused “God at Work “arising from the previous weeks topic

·         Preaching on maturity attributes

·         Focused home group topic based on the previous weeks sermon

·         Purposeful intentional conversations after the service

·         Remind people after the service to discuss the topic

·         Encourage people to focus on the positive: “Whatever is true etc”

·         Surround yourself with godly people

·         Beware of being judgemental or of raising the bar too high

·         Spiritual maturity is always a work in progress. No one has made it!