Leadership Retreat January 2017



Recurrent key words in BOLD


Devotion by Karlene

From the book of Jude

                The core of our faith

                What is essential to my faith

                Kingdom of God vs kingdom of the world

                Entrusted with the world

                Warning in Jude about watering down the word

                Always being enticed by the subtlety of the world



Tent concept from last year?

Romans 12:1-2

                Living sacrifice

                Do not conform to the world

Romans 13:11-14

                Wake up from your slumber


1 Peter 1:24-25

                Word of the Lord endures forever

Psalm 27:5

                Protection and blessings come from compliance



Continue And you will be true to the Gospel

Daniel 3

                Don’t need to defend ourselves, God will defend us

Gospel of hope, gospel of hope

Hope without the gospel is hopeless



1 Peter 3

                Living in harmony = blessings


                We can have hope because Christ is seated in heaven

Jude – subtle robbing of hope

Luke 6 – a good person brings out good things from the storehouse of the heart

Teaching rules vs changing hearts?



What would EBC be without Wed @ EBC?

On cusp of seriously redefining missions

Catalyst for change

Matthew 8

                Are we willing to make people clean?

                Jesus’ willingly touched

                How do we touch?

Touching leads to healing

Jesus does the healing

Jesus regularly brought life into situations of death and hopelessness

World is largely cynical about the church

Healing and freedom from oppression

Quiet words of challenge and encouragement

Bringing community new hope – what does that mean?

More touching on east side of town – not ministries –

                How do we touch and see growth in people?

Ministry to Habitat as chaplain?  Formalize Nancy over there?

Stretch tent pegs – involvement as chaplain in other organizations

Be more intentional

                Intent of the heart rather than doing

Share personal stories of reliance on God, with vulnerability - ministry and leadership people - A deeper God @ work time



In the world, the pursuit of happiness is paramount

Church is seen as a faceless institution, and that we believe all or nothing

EBC – what do I know about God that makes a difference to others

Meaningfulness more important than pursuit of happiness

Jesus gave women meaning

Where are the strong Christian men in church? EBC may be exception with a good gender ratio.

Jesus gave me meaning – Nicodemus, Zacchaeus, Lazarus, the disciples

Touched all people




Living in a post truth world

Proverbs 13:14

                Prudent men give thoughts to their steps

Church is about Change

How have we seen change in people in church?

Kirk Cameron = words alone vs word and touch

Enemy robs us of the truth – church guilt of that too in relation to the poor

Romans 12 transformation behavior

Joshua 17

                God has given us the tools despite the power of the enemy. Enemy robs us of that truth

1 Corinthians 9:27            Disciple – walk the talk. Do not be hypocritical.



Acts 20:28-31

                Beware of the enemy within, keep watch over the flock.

Parable of the men building houses, we can only break the Kingdom of God house from within

Luke 6:26

                Beware when people speak well of you

Beware of pride

Beware of taking the foot off the pedal

Beware of the subtle attack of the enemy on our integrity

Discern the danger – our role as leadership


Grace vs the high bar of behavioral standards

Is that the watering down/subtlety of the enemy?


John the Baptist – reformation – “Have I done enough?”

Jesus – regeneration – knowing that I am worthy

                (Stanley Jones quote 80)


John 21:15-19

                3 x “do you love me?”

                3 x feed/tend/care for sheep

Psalm 23 – lead me

Love of God leads to actions of love

                Lambs – care for – feed sheep – fed sheep have lambs – cyclic


EBC a community within a community

Modelling community

Changes forced on us by changes in Salt shop etc.


Continue in truth

Continue to move – allow God to change our direction once moving

Focus on:

In the church

                Weekday presence, drop in format




personal growth – from contact to touching to testimony,

prayer room,


use of office foyer,


 pool table into container

What is God doing already?


Outside the church

                Chaplaincy for Habitat and others

                Training in chaplaincy

                Going out rather than attractional

What is God doing already?


Special general meeting for ideas and solutions

Bigger visiting team – intentional visit to grow people

Mentoring emphasis for leaders

Worship team guidance