1.       Partnerships with other organisations, like we currently have the Invercargill Environment Centre and our garden; like Nga Kete with their community nurse; like Jubilee Budgeting with their clinic here on Wednesdays.

2.       Prayer walk/drive around the area monthly.

3.       See the church totally rebuilt from now, building wise.

4.       At the Ladies camp, last year in a group situation I saw a hawk hovering over the trees. I interpreted the hawk as the Holy Spirit but that wasn’t what God meant. He was saying that the hawks peck the eyes of the lambs. God is saying to us as a church we have new lambs in our church and our ministries. Be gentle with the new lambs. Don’t attack them. Have grace towards them. Don’t burden them.

5.       God is bringing a new season to Eastside, for the church and for every person who comes here. A new season means new ways. Letting go of the old. Listening for what God wants from us as a church and individually. New ways, new behaviours, which is the best testimony we can give to friends/family who aren’t yet believers. Fellowship with each other will be important. This is how we grow in the Spirit. Fellowship is taking someone under your wing who is a little bit behind you on the road. It is as simple as sharing a coffee, a meal, an outing, prayer and answering questions. Fellowship in the Spirit is when we spend time with God. This needs a commitment of renewal from each of us in 2017, for Eastside to respond as a church to the new season.

6.       Commitment to Fair Trade tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar after church and sold during the week.  We need to tackle the structures of evil.  Pay a little more so that our money spent on luxuries goes to hard working farmers and their communities. Tackle modern day slavery. Stand up for those with no voice.

7.       Reaching further out into the community, not just in Glengarry but all suburbs in Invercargill

8.       God has been saying to me: please don’t take time off or Sunday services off. Also, not to do evil things and be honest about Gods direction.

9.       Night meetings at EBC to resume as a 5th meeting in addition to the 4 churches already being visited in Invasion. Our meeting run marae style, seating in an oblong or circle so everyone has eye contact with bean bags etc. in the centre for children. Each person encouraged to share as this is the sermon with church leadership taking turns to wrap up

10.   Waihanga Tumanako Matou moved to a later slot finishing with are shared meal. Offering plate to be placed in a predetermined place.

11.   Love the eternal wairua in all we do today and every way.

12.   More for children. Kids songs in worship? Bible story in church? Kids talk?

13.   The church is going to expand in people

14.   To be a place of healing (addictions, hopelessness, loneliness, past hurts.

a.       Office space for service groups to support others (like Jubilee and Nga Kete)

b.       Teenage supported living

c.       Halfway house support for those leaving prison

d.       Support for overseas students – cooking classes, craft group, friendship, English classes.