Leadership Retreat 2018

June 25, 2018

Thoughts arising from the prayer

·         Spiritual maturity and growth focus church wide

·         All home groups on the same page

·         Create specialist short term study groups on particular topics

·         Teaching and sermon focus

·         God at Work testimonies to focus on how spiritual growth

·         Scripture verses to be used as a daily devotional to be put in the newsletter

·         Sheep paddock style – contained but free within that area.

·         Accountability partnerships: one to one – challenge, confront, encourage

·         Mentoring without structure. Who are you mentoring? Who is mentoring you?

·         Fruitfulness: bear witness of that growth in the community

·         Challenge: how has the church transformed you?

·         Confront stagnation individually

·         Encourage each person to grow

·         Directed conversations after the service

Action plan

·         Notify the church of our retreat focus

·         Identify spiritually mature people

·         Encourage them to contact the next level down

·         Daily Scripture readings on the topic preached in the newsletter

·         Focused “God at Work “arising from the previous weeks topic

·         Preaching on maturity attributes

·         Focused home group topic based on the previous weeks sermon

·         Purposeful intentional conversations after the service

·         Remind people after the service to discuss the topic

·         Encourage people to focus on the positive: “Whatever is true etc”

·         Surround yourself with godly people

·         Beware of being judgemental or of raising the bar too high

·         Spiritual maturity is always a work in progress. No one has made it!


Church discussion February 2017

February 21, 2017



1.       Partnerships with other organisations, like we currently have the Invercargill Environment Centre and our garden; like Nga Kete with their community nurse; like Jubilee Budgeting with their clinic here on Wednesdays.

2.       Prayer walk/drive around the area monthly.

3.       See the church totally rebuilt from now, building wise.

4.       At the Ladies camp, last year in a group situation I saw a haw...

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Leadership retreat 2017

February 21, 2017

Leadership Retreat January 2017



Recurrent key words in BOLD


Devotion by Karlene

From the book of Jude

                The core of our faith

                What is essential to my faith

                Kingdom of God vs kingdom of the world

                Entrusted with the world

                Warning in Jude about watering down the word

                Always being enticed by the subtlety of the world



Tent concept from last year?

Romans 12:1-2


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